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ananya’s story

“my mental health started dropping when i was 12. one day, i found my mother's chat with some guy which wasn't my father and it seemed like an affair to me (which isn't normal in my opinion). i was so shocked and my father went to another town for his work. he lived there. and my depression started taking place which also affected my physical health. that man used to come at my house during afternoon everyday. after some months, i also got to know about my father's affair. he was living

with his girlfriend. and my depression worsened, so did my physical health. my depression lasted 3 years. i ended up getting tuberculosis at the age of 15. and after that, i decided to heal myself. i started self care. left my cheating boyfriend and my toxic best friend and focused on studies and my health. i started to get better day by day, and i was so proud when i got the highest percentage in my academics. then i found my true love after 5 months of my result. i was 16 at that time. he had been crushing on me for 4 years. and he had my back everytime and never let me go again in my depression. at the end, i wanted to tell you all that love can heal everything. it doesn't matter if it's self love or love from some other person. @[check note] is my instagram account and my DMs are always open for those in need. thank you! :)”

note: the username ananya provided does not exist unfortunately


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