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anonymous' story

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

over the past year and a half i have been struggling massively with my mental health and for the first 8 months i was suffering in silence. i would self harm to put the pain somewhere else i would vape not because i thought it was cool but to escape the world and all of those awful thoughts i had and couldn’t get rid of. i would have suicidal thoughts and ideation, had no motivation and had thoughts that no one would miss me i’m worth nothing etc. in october of 2020 one of my best friends ava pushed me to tell my parents. i was then put into intensive therapy and saw a psychiatrist regarding being diagnosed and medication. i suffer low-mood, some anxiety, low self esteem etc. i now see my psychologist and of course have great days but also have low days. i’ve learned that we ALL have mental health and it’s so so important that we prioritize it!! i am so happy that i didn’t make that scary horrible decision and if you ever have dark or scary thoughts please reach out to someone. now my mental health is so so much better but we all have bad days.


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