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anonymous' story

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

this is a long story. since the age of 3, my father physically and mentally abused me. had multiple attempts of killing me. he hit my mother, me, & my sister too, but less. he sold all my belongings for money to buy drugs. i've also been r*ped, but i hate talking about it because it brings me down and hurts me so much. that experience made me start online dating to to find guys, but i think it made me a nympho. i've had this dream to be famous, so i knew i had to stop this. it was hurting me. i deleted all my accounts and apps. having a dream/goal helped me through everything. certain quotes helped me too, like “the darkest of nights will end, and the sun will rise again.” my favorite motivational quote was “nothing changes if nothing changes.”

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I wnat to say we are here for u if u want , and u are soooo strong and i think all this will and have make u more stronger and i lovvvvee u quote the darkest of nights will end, and the sun will rise again.“ reading it give me hope:(

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