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anonymous' story

i was mad at someone who stepped in to stop my eating disorder. here’s why.

at the time, i got really mad at a person for telling the counselor (who then called my parents, who then took away insta and sent me to a nutritionist) about my eating disorder.

basically, where before i had “control” over what i was doing, they stepped in and i suddenly had none. regular, frequent weighings, meal logs, my parents up my a**, the threat of hospitalization, all of it. none of that helped me.

basically, it’s still bad. i’m just afraid of going to the mental hospital lmao. the underlying issues are still there but they manifest different.

i think that the best thing to do for a person with an addiction is to provide them a place where they aren't judged and feel supported.

because if they have that positive influence, eventually they’ll get their act together on their own. so a lot of it is gonna be fixed by a person's desire to change. not external pressure. i hope whoever is reading this, who may know someone going through something, takes this into consideration.


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