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anonymous' story

though i’m not sharing my story, i’m sharing something i’ve learned from my untold story that i've been wanting to get off my chest.

parents/guardians, please don't ignore your child's mental illnesses! they are not a phase. they will not "grow out if it". their eating disorder is not just "self-control", their anxiety is not just "attention to detail", their depressive episodes are not just "teenage hormones".

if your child feels safe enough to tell you that they have a mental illness, please don't dismiss them or make them feel worse about it! it already takes a tremendous amount of courage to admit that they are suffering! your child is more familiar with their brain than you are - they have been living with it their entire life. if they say they are mentally unwell, please believe them!

ignoring it does not make it go away. toxic positivity only makes it worse. we've already tried gaslighting ourselves into believing we're okay, we don't need you to do it too! please don't compare them to yourself or anyone else. everyone's journey and everyone's needs are different.

if you’re not sure what to do to support your child, ask them! it means the world to them that you are trying. if they require external support that you have the means to access and provide them with, please do! asking other people for help to ensure your child's wellbeing is something you should be proud of! needing therapy, support groups, and just mental illnesses in general are nothing to be ashamed of.

mental health is just as important than physical health. if your child broke their leg, ignoring it would put them in more pain. letting it heal itself would make it get worse or result in crooked healing and long-term damage. believing that the bone is not broken when your child is physically unable to stand is plain stupidity. please treat mental illnesses the same as physical ones!

mental illnesses are real. they can be terrifying. your child can't do it alone. please be someone your child can openly turn to for help, not another person they think they have to hide their pain from.


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