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anonymous' story

hi, i would like to share my story with you. i'm a teenager, and some years ago a friend of mine, that i'll call C, introduced me a girl, that i'll call S. S was from the USA, C gave me her instagram and we started talking. i was really comfortable with her, and so she was. we had the habit of writing each other everyday, and she had revealed me that she had thought multiple times about taking her own life. i tried my best to be present for her, but one year later i received the messages. her farewell messages. it was 3 am in my country, in hers it was evening. that was the moment i realized i hadn't been able to save her. it was summer when it happened, and being with friends helped me distract but at night... my mind was focused on her. after a year i can talk about her without getting sad, but sometimes it's hard. time helps to live with the pain, but it will never eliminate it, and will never bring my friend back.


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