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augusta’s story

hey, my name is augusta. i am still very young, only 14, but i guess that whoever is in charge up there didn't want to make it too easy for me - and i wanted to share my story with you, maybe i can even help.

when i was 4, i had my first psychiatrist appointment, and they quickly diagnosed ADHD. that didn't really affect me, tbh, but apparently the other kids, who started making fun of me, which we think was a huge deal for everything that followed.

i had 4 suicide attempts before i was 10, 2 before i was 13, i was later bullied for SA scars and Tourette's Syndrome, also a kind of "crooked" way of thinking. of course, i had some friends, but naturally they came to the realization that i would eventually become too annoying for a long-term friendship and left.

fast forward one year: my friends have abandoned me like a dog on a gas station, my parents had to lock the windows so i wouldn't jump out, i just can't take it anymore. i'm tired.

but my parents didn't raise me to give up that early, so i fought my way back to life.

slowly, my "friends" started to come back, but i am still focused as to not get attached that much.

i am still healing, but healing isn't linear and will take a while, maybe some more years until i come to be myself again-but for now, i may be standing on bloody feet, but i am standing on my own.

i didn't kill myself like they suggested, i didn't give up on my potential and "buried myself" like they wanted. instead, i am this bavarian-portuguese aristocrat (something i'm really proud of, i love my families - and all of them couldn't help me, yet i'm so happy they tried), working my way to publish a clothing brand PLUS a poetry book, while also fighting for a championship title.

this was such a long way, but if i did it, so can you. there's no starting point, you have to take the thought of "change" and keep it.


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