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aylee's story

when i was 10, everything went downhill. i had always had attachment and abandonment issues, but everything got really bad after one of my favorite teachers quit. i grieved as if she had died, and i developed anxiety and depression. i thought it was my fault, and that she quit because i wasn’t good enough. i began having suicidal thoughts, and i genuinely hated myself. i stayed alive for my best friend, because i didn’t want them to have to go through any of what i did.

i started therapy, and i slowly started to recover and work through those feelings. about two years ago, i started struggling with self harm because i still wasn’t okay. i stopped self harming because i wanted to get better. i relapsed in may of 2021, and now i’m over a year clean. i got diagnosed as autistic this may, and i’m looking into a cptsd diagnosis. now, i’m almost 14, and i’m still alive.

i’m so glad i am, because i’ve met so many amazing people. i’m still recovering, but i’m alive, and that’s what matters.


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