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elizabeth's story

so i didn’t really grow up in a good family. it’s been pretty hard mentally if you have one sick parent, then add another parent, plus some stubbornness with both being easily argumentative. it doesn’t really turn out well... my parents used to promise they wouldn’t argue and well they did. it really took a toll on my trust, and a lot of other things happened in my life, leaving me with the following: anxiety, trust issues, depression, self hatred, suicidal thoughts, and the fear of losing people. i recently got a therapist, which i highly suggest :) and i am doing way better. if you struggle with stuff like this i’m here to tell you it does get better. i like to call these pains in life “growing pains.” it hurts like heck while you feel them but after they pass you’ve grown your more mature you understand others better and you appreciate the good moments a lot more and maybe you will even get taller :D after going through all of that *waves at bad mental health* i am happy to say i am in a very good place mentally now and you will be soon :)

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I hope someday i will say “ i am in a very good place “ like u :(

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