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jaime's story

for years, i have always known what i wanted to do in my life. i have dreams and ambitions like any other teenager. when i got my place at university, i was so excited. the initial move was scary and it took me months to actually settle, but it was all worth it once i got stuck into the work and all the opportunities that were thrown at me. that was until i met one particular person. i thought they were the perfect friend. the perfect person i needed in my life to cheer me on and to keep me grounded. i realised what kind of person they actually were. the friendship was on and off all the time. i would be on top of the world, living my life and they would suddenly shut down cold. i would be tossed aside and ignored until i was suddenly called up and explain what i had done. i then lived my life walking on eggshells. i always thought you could only have toxic romantic relationships, not friends. and i never knew what gaslighting was. i finally realised it and eventually ruined me. my confidence was gone. i was left in pieces when that friendship was finally done. those ambitions and dreams i had no longer existed. i would feel sick if i tried to leave the house. but i know now that i can begin to heal from it all. it will take time and i may not be where my fellow graduates are at, but i'll get there. i just need a bit more time to heal.


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