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K.N.'s story

i have been dealing with social anxiety since 7 years. small things such as asking for change in shops or bus scares me. there are instances where i have bever asked for change or even the things that i like. i can't walk by group of people. even though i'm seeking therapy for the same and other reasons, i never overcame it. recently i attended a conference and i had a doubt regarding a topic that was being presented. i was very anxious as there were around 250 participants. i was shivering.

but then i started taking deep breaths, calmed myself, spoke to my self that it's okay. you can do this. no one will judge for a question that you are going to ask, no one will remember this incident and even if your voice breaks in between it's okay. maximum what people do it they'll laugh. so i gathered my courage and asked the question. the speaker acknowledge it and appreciated it that is was a good and relevant question. this might be a very small negligible things for others. but for me it was the best moment of my life.


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