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kinley's story

"my dad was a alcoholic ever since before i was born, the alcohol would cause him to be violent and he was very verbally abusive to my mom. over the years of him I in and out of prison he would send me cards, but there was one that stuck with me, that read "i promise i will get out of here and be the best daddy.” that wasn't the only promise he made, he also told me "i will always be here, i always held onto that. i would visit him in downtown in a guarded building every two weeks. i enjoyed seeing him and he kept going until i came there with short hair or "boy hair," he made a excuse to leave and i never saw him again. he harassed my mom by message about how my hair is gay and disgusting. a little while after not seeing him I found out he had committed murder to one of his "friends," and he is now in jail with his new wife. i wasn't surprised but i was disappointed; not long after that i found out he had hung his self. five days before fathers day, i felt numb until i got to my room and sobbed, because i can't help remembering "i will always be here."


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