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lydia's story

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

it all started when i was born. i was born to two dumb 16 year olds who were both drug addicts. i grew up going back and forth from their 9 houses because they didn’t get along anymore, until finally i lived full time with my dad. but little did i know, my whole childhood my dad was on drugs; i was too young to understand. i figured it out once I was in 6th grade, after he had left many times, and had many relapses. my step mom (though i call her mom) had always tried to fix him but it never worked. but then we moved to Tennessee, and he finally became clean, and was for three years. it wasn’t until randomly, the day of my birthday we found out he had relapsed once again. he spent the whole weekend in and out of strip clubs, blowing all his money, cheating on my mom, lost his job, and much more. so my mom kicked him out and now they are getting a divorce. that was back in September 2021 and i still feel terrible from it. i have so much built up anger and get annoyed at the people care about most. plus anxiety and depression along with it. it has been very hard for me lately and i've been very distanced from God and i feel like i'm eventually going to accidentally tarnish a lot of my relationships, including with my boyfriend, because of how much stuff i am going through mentally. but on the bright side, it is slowly getting better :)


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