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m's story

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

essentially, at the age of 14, i experienced my first heartbreak. for the first time ever i experienced intrusive thoughts and i second guessed every single aspect of myself. i always asked myself if i wasn’t good enough or if i did something wrong. that's where it all fell. i would seek validation from others in any sort of relationship. at age 17 now, i feel like i met the love of my life. long story short, they were incredibly unstable. i thought i could fix them. it ended with a joint suicide attempt with me and that person since we just weren’t stable together. since then, i have gone to therapy and changed medications. mental health to me is beyond important, and anyone out there should always remember “one day at a time.” life is all about the good and the bad, not just the bad. we’re all in it together!


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