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may's story

when i was 15, i struggled in school and with people in my life. that same year i entered a real stink shop with a guy 3 years older than me, who wouldn't ask consent whenever he wanted something. he also had anger issues, which made it scarier to ask for help. after a little while, another guy entered my life and said he cared for and about me. so breaking it off with the previous guy, i started a new relationship knowing it would be better. goodness was i wrong. after about a week with him, some things started changing and getting weird. later that summer when i was no longer with him i learned that he didn't actually care about me, but was using me, and had wanted to sleep with me. now that may not seem such a big deal, except for that he still had all the friends we used to have. he still ran in those circles, whereas i was shunned and kicked out. i still am to this day. it is and was emotionally very traumatic, and difficult.


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