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mckenzie's story

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

they say "grief gets better overtime.” the truth is it doesn't. it hits when you slowly start forgetting the way the person talked, their voice, who they were. you slowly stop remembering that they were even in your life at one point. you forget the texts, the memories. you forget everything. it has been almost 2 years and yet i still find a way to bring my dad into every conversation i have. people say "you always bring him up," but i’m not trying to get pity from talking about him. i try to keep him alive. keep the memories alive. keep him with me. i miss this man every day of my life. the good tops off the bad. he was known to be the biggest as*hole alive, which he was, and yes he did do a shit ton wrong in life… but at the end of the day he's still my dad. the person that helped give life to me. my other half. it will never be okay, but you get used to living without the person you love. and for that thank you and i love you, forever and everyday.


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