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min-jun’s story

i’ve never needed that much from my parents due to being super independent (lmfao). i think because of this, they’ve grown to worry about my sister more because she was like rebellious a lot and i never was. but she’s off to a student exchange program overseas for a while, but they still only talk about her even when it’s just the three of us… and i don’t know honestly maybe i’m overthinking but i wish they’d just ask me something like how’s my day or whatever. literally the bare minimum small talk?

it’s funny because i'd hear my sister & mom get into arguments with over her grades and sh*t because, even though her grades were fine, she didn’t live up to Asian expectation or whatever. and my only thought growing up was that ”i didn’t want to be like her. i want to exceed.” i didn’t want my parents to worry about my grades too since they have a demanding job. i became a really big overachiever.

but now it’s backfired and they don't pay as much attention to me :(

i wanted us all to hang out as a family this morning but they just talked about him the

whole time… and that was really the cherry on top you know. the only times they talk to me are either on topics related to him. literally. or to ask me to do stuff like chores??

i made a subtle comment about this whole situation once and i think my mom picked up on it but she didn’t respond or ever mention it again. i’ve basically been in my room this entire weekend, not kidding. and they haven’t noticed or even checked on me. i feel like they wouldn’t even notice if i disappeared completely.

sorry for long ranting by the way.


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