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moon’s story

"i've recently been thinking about some of the things that have happened to me in my life and how it's been affecting me, cause my mom will sometimes raise her voice at me and what not, which will cause me to start getting in a bad mood and then she'll start making it seem like i'm in the wrong. with one of my ex boyfriends, he was emotionally abusive and manipulative, would put me down, make me question myself, made me try being cisgender even though i'm trans because he "doesn't view me as trans", made it seem like i was the one who did something wrong so that i wouldn't focus on the thing he did wrong that i was calling him out on, and he also sexually assaulted me numerous times. but i didn't have the guts to tell him how i felt about it and when i finally spoke out about it to my previous partner that i was with prior to my current boyfriend, he found out about it and started telling some of my friends that i was speaking up about it and that i was the one who was lying. he would always make me feel like shit, just completely useless, and like nobody loved me further into our relationship, and i felt like in order to be happy with him and make him happy, i had to change things about myself that didn't benefit him even if it wasn't healthy. that actually, fed into my already existing extremely poor body image where i started starving myself so much that most days i would either eat large amounts of food or only dinner. i always feel like i'm over sharing things or that i'm being over protective with my friends and boyfriend. thankfully i'm in a better place now and i have a loving boyfriend who loves me for me.”


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