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nayna's story

it was 4 years back when i fell for this one guyyyy. from then my whole world revolved around him. him. it was only him. i confessed him later after 2 years.

he said he didn't feel the same way for me, so stupid silly me convinced myself somehow that it's okay if he doesn't like you now but what if he likes you in future? but after my confession he started acting weird around me… despite being in the same class, he never made an effort to talk to me.

all these things made my question and doubt my own self. i started questioning myself... more of blaming that why was i not his type. am i ugly? am i not worth it? what's wrong with me? why does he not choose me?

last year, by October 2021 i went into depression. i remember i locked myself up in the room. didn't come out of the room for like 2 weeks. didn't eat properly. didn't talk to anyone.

sat alone in the dark room. cryingggg. feeling miserable. questioning my worth. i was fortunate enough to have someone (my bestfriend) who helped me come out of that phase. he was the one who helped me realize my potential and worth.

gradually i started expressing my emotions and feelings through self portrait pictures on instagram. soon after i became a self portrait content creator on instagram. i started getting brand collaboration. it really boosted my confidence so much.

i was like this is who i am. this is my potential. i’m grateful to that person who broke my heart and made me prove myself. that heartbreak and depressive phase is what made me strong.

so to all the people out there suffering heartbreaks or dealing with some sort of trauma, don't give up guys. this is the phase that teaches you a lessons for lifee. trust me when i say everything will be fine in the end and you will find yourself stronger than ever.


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