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rinz’s story

i was having depression and anxiety problems a few months ago. i hardly eat anything and i lost my weight to 28kg. it was so hard. in morning i woke up at 1pm and just drink a cup of tea and go to sleep again. i was trying to run away from my anxiety.

at the same time i had my breakup. it was so hard to overcome some days i just feel like i'm dead. i stayed 1 week in my room without having food or anything. those days were very crucial i don't even know how did i manage not to commit s*icide.

5 months with all those sleeping pills… at the same time i got harassed. i got fired from my work my studies gone down due to financial issues. everything just put me down. whole 5 months i just sat in darkness.

but with God's grace i got the strength to overcome it with some of my few friends. i've stopped the pill. i've started to discover myself. i've started to love myself. i've started to work productively. no medicine or therapy was able to cure me but the inner me did it.

for those who are there facing my situation i hope one day you'll look back at yourself and be proud that you didn't give up. never give up! and everyone is there to help you out. and yes mental health and care is also much more important as physical health. shoutout to yourself. you can and you will overcome it.


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