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S.P.'s story

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

i have always struggled with my mental health. it started with my night terrors at the age of 2. i remember them vividly, and i also still get them. i am traumatized by each and every one of the night terrors i encountered/encounter. because of them, i suffer from panic attacks and severe anxiety. some days are easier then others. as i got older, i always felt isolated from the people around me, and no matter how many times they may say they love me, i will never believe them. to this day, i keep everyone (even my mother and father) at a safe distance. the feeling of being alone, and unwanted have always followed me around. ultimately, i have always been depressed. my dad doesn't really support mental health meaning i've had to deal with it on my own. i was in counseling for a little while but nothing was working because my dad didn't want me diagnosed with anything. i struggle with self harm. it started at age 7 for me. sometimes it's to shut my never-ending thoughts off, and other times it's to make me feel the hurt that i deserve or the pain i've caused the people around me. i have so much anger inside of me. no one in my family fully knows what i go through. all they do is invalidate me when i try and talk about how i feel. so i just don't anymore... until now that is.


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