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sakshi's story

"during childhood and teenage years, i had suffered from many traumatic events, apart from the usual stuffs one goes through during these phases. loss of loved ones, family issues, personal issues, and even being cornered or jumped because of people getting jealous from my achievements. not having much friends during this time had really taken a toll upon me. as far as i remember, i've always been a happy child who became a shy, quiet child over the time. people started to relate shyness with my identity and eventually, so did i, as an influence of their comments. but now that i ve grown up, i've realised i've always wanted to be happy on my own. never did i want to hate someone even if they did something bad to me. also, i've realised that i changed my interests unconsciously as a result to fit in. while i really enjoyed dancing and being on stage, over the time i lost the energy to do so and became a book bug. today, i'm a writer who is trying to get back the steering wheel of her life in her hands, free from other's opinions and only listening to her inner voice."


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