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"shattered trust" by daksh

daksh is a mental health warrior and creative writer, who wanted to share his original piece, based on real life experiences, on our blog.


In the bustling city of Larksville, Maya was known for her kind heart and genuine nature. Her infectious laughter and unwavering support drew people to her like moths to a flame. She had a small circle of friends who she believed were as real as the sun in the sky. But sometimes, appearances can be deceiving.

Among her friends was Lily, a charismatic and charming woman who seemed to have it all together. Maya admired Lily's confidence and admired her adventurous spirit. They spent countless hours together, sharing secrets and dreams over cups of coffee and late-night conversations.

As the years passed, however, Maya began to notice subtle changes in Lily's behavior. Little white lies turned into bigger fabrications, and promises were broken without remorse. Maya's heart ached as she realized that Lily was not the friend she had believed her to be.

One fateful evening, Maya organized a surprise birthday party for Lily, pouring her heart into every detail. She invited their closest friends and put together a memorable celebration. But as the party unfolded, she couldn't shake the feeling that something was off. Lily's reaction was more indifference than joy, and she seemed preoccupied with her phone, barely acknowledging Maya's efforts.

As the night wore on, Maya's concerns were confirmed. Lily's phone buzzed incessantly, and each time she excused herself to answer it, Maya noticed the secretive glances exchanged between Lily and a stranger who had unexpectedly shown up at the party.

With a heavy heart, Maya approached Lily, her voice trembling. "Is everything okay?"

Lily's response was callous, a mere brush-off. "Yeah, don't worry about it. Just some work stuff."

Maya's eyes welled with tears as she realized that their bond had been replaced by indifference and deception. The realization hit her like a tidal wave, and the party she had worked so hard to create suddenly felt like a painful reminder of the lies that had infiltrated their friendship.

As the night came to a close, Maya watched Lily and the stranger leave together, their laughter echoing in the distance. Feeling a mix of anger, betrayal, and heartache, Maya sat alone in the dimly lit room. She had given her trust so freely, and it had been shattered by someone she thought was a true friend.

Over the next few days, Maya grappled with a torrent of emotions. She couldn't shake the feeling of emptiness that had settled within her, nor could she understand how someone she cared about so deeply could treat her with such disregard. She cried tears of frustration, mourning the loss of a friendship that had once meant the world to her.

But as the days turned into weeks, Maya began to see a glimmer of strength within herself. She realized that toxic people might infiltrate her life, but she had the power to choose who deserved a place in her heart. She decided to focus on the friends who had stood by her through thick and thin, the ones who valued her authenticity and cherished her friendship.

Maya's journey through the pain of deception taught her a valuable lesson about the importance of surrounding oneself with genuine, caring individuals. And as time healed her wounds, she emerged stronger, with a heart that had weathered the storm of fake friendships, ready to embrace the genuine connections that truly mattered.


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