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stan's story

i really loved a person so much that i would go up to any extent to be with that one guy. i adored him so much, but all he did was took me for granted. we had very good relationship at the very start, but he begun to ignore me, he would lie for every small things, but still i do accept that he did loved me. later when this didn't stopped, i started getting lots of fear of losing him. ultimately it changed into major anxiety. i would stay awake all night and cry till my heart stops aching, i even banged my head to the wall. i knew that one day he will no longer love me, and then i decided to take a break. we promised each other not to be in any other relationship till things get back normal, but he didn't keep his promise. i began to move on after he broke his promise, but as soon as when he heard that, he came back to me. we started everything again and there i made a mistake: to accept someone back in my life who just made me feel so awful. i believed in him again, but he didn't changed at all. then i decided to heal myself. so i began to lose connection with him. slowly and steadily, i completely agreed to fact that he will never change. i started feeling good. sometimes i felt like to end everything, but then i stood strong and brave. i'm still here, living with anxiety and panic attacks. i hope this will inspire someone to stay strong. you will get over it.


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