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stephanie's story

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

today i am so tired and slept until 5pm, all while trying to not tell myself to cause harm to myself in a way that every fiber of my being had been yelling at me since the last 48 hours. i reached out to friends, did my normal self care routine yesterday, but couldn't do it today and stayed in bed until 5 pm. i made myself eat finally and was able to be up for 2 hours and now it is going on again. oh, and when i reached out to my friend, i knew they weren't bothered by me but I felt like i was scaring and hurting them by letting them see the darkest and most insecure part of me. i felt like I was too much for anyone to handle, and i knew i had no reason for this urge to be there, which made it even worse. the days before this had been wonderful, but it changed on a dime.


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