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tara's story

“i didn't know i struggled with mental health issues until i reached a point in middle school when i started pushing all my friends away (at the time i thought i was losing them/they were betraying me). it got to a point where i was so upset and hated myself that i thought self harm was the only option to cure me and help me. i was self harming for about 4-5 months. i had thought of suicide many times. i felt my friends and family would be better off without me, that i was such a burden to them and it didn't matter if i was gone.

boy was i wrong.

someone told the school counselor about my self harm and it saved my life. i still don't know who they are but i am glad they did it. i wouldn't be going through college getting a degree aiming to help people struggling like i did if they hadn't spoken up. i struggle with my anxiety and depression to this day, but i am more open about how i'm feeling, i let my parents know what's going on, and i am in constant contact with my therapist if i ever need her. 

it is okay not to be okay, but it's also okay to ask for help. 

asking for help could be the reason you get better.

i will forever be an advocate for mental health - it is such a big part of my story.

i want people to know there is no need to hide your struggling.



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