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vanessa's story

everything started off when i was 10. i got A BUNCH of anxiety thanks to school and problems at home. my parents are divorced and my father was abusive when i was younger. i have a bunch of childhood trauma wich slowly after my anxiety became depression.

i live with my mother, i kinda love her, but kinda not. she is pretty umm.. special? when i got my depression diagnosed our relationship, took a turn for the worse. we don't even talk anymore. i started self harming at the age of 12.

most of my self harming "sessions" got me in the hospital to get stiches. when i was around the same age i tried committing suicide for the first time. i overdosed. i tried taking my life 6 times after that but still failed.

i have been in and out of psych wards too. those psych wards have been TRAUMATIC! i really wish my life would have gone a different way because at 13 i developed anorexia. i fought with anorexia as long as i could remember. i did not want to heal because i had to get skinnier, until i was forced to heal wether i liked it or not.

still to this day i battle with depression and self harm. i guess i am pretty happy to be alive to be honest. i would have missed alot. this is your sign to keep going even if you are still suffering with things from your past. you’re stronger than them.


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