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what is tourette’s syndrome? by bingwen

tourette's syndrome is a mental condition where one experiences repetitive, involuntary movements and vocalizations, called “tics.” tics associated with Tourette's syndrome often happen in bouts or "tic attacks," where multiple tics occur simultaneously. tics tend to change in severity over time. for example, things such as stress, anxiety, excitement, or fatigue can cause them to intensify. Tics also have different types, such as “motor” or “vocal.” motor tics are repetitive, involuntary movements of the body – like neck twitching or blinking excessively. vocal tics are sounds made, like sniffing or shouting out certain words/phrases.

tourette’s usually appears in childhood, usually between the ages of 2 and 12, and it is typically a chronic condition – but that doesn’t mean tics don’t get better or become less severe later on in life, such as in adulthood.

tourette’s syndrome warriors are powerful and resilient – by taking the time to read this and teaching yourself about the condition, you are helping decrease the stigma surrounding these wonderful individuals. thank you!

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