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zonia's story

"hello, so you know when you are currently in the phase where you are trying to figure out what to do after high school. and everyone asks what you are going to do after high school and what your plans are for school, and they always ask questions about your plan. well, i'm a junior, and honestly, i was so stressed, and my anxiety had gotten out of control. i found myself crying when doing homework, and many times i'd cry myself to sleep. talking about my emotions made me feel weak, so i bottled up all my emotion and thoughts. and the thought of not having a solid plan made me upset. i tried my best to stay positive and put a smile on my face, but many times i just felt like everything was wrong, like i was doing something wrong. many times i would be sitting in class happy, then out of nowhere i'd feel like everything was wrong. as i said before, i usually keep my emotions and thoughts to myself. i never allowed myself to open up and put myself first; i felt selfish. yet one day i really couldn't, and i finally talked to my parents, who gave me the best advice and support i could ever asked for. my mom and dad helped me meditate and have some days where we would spend time together as a family, and my mental health improved greatly. i also met a good person, whose name is Raymond i'm really happy i met him. he's one of the sweetest and most genuine people i ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. і see him in my life for a long time, and i can't wait to explore the future with him. the void i once felt was filled, all by speaking up and allowing myself to speak about my feelings. i let myself talk about my struggles without feeling guilty about them. and i am so grateful that i did; it was the best decision i ever made. i put my mental health first, and i don't feel selfish because i am important. now i enforce the boundaries around my energy and let myself feel the moment and not worry so much about the future. i know i will do great things, and i will have my parents' undivided support.”


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