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[re-upload] how do you balance self love and loving your partner in relationships? by ratan

"what you can do for the relationship is also what you do for yourself"

the importance of self love in relationships is to know that loving themselves while being in a relationship is as important as loving their partners. loving oneself, putting self-love before relationships, and being clear on how one wants to be treated in a relationship is the least someone can ask for.

what is self love?

self-love is your ability to recognize and prioritize your happiness in everything you do.

self-love is a deeply acceptance of our wholeness; it is loving yourself as you are.

self-love is the journey that does not seek perfection. it’s about setting boundaries and moment of growth.

how do you love yourself and your partner?

you have to understand that you are more deserving than you think.

you are worth your own exploration.

you cannot settle for not getting treated the way you want.

your body is meant to be valued by you and your partner.

you need to love yourself to get anything in this world.

self-care is not a selfish act — it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer to others.

loving yourself is actually realizing that there is a huge need to value yourself in your relationship. knowing that you are as important as your partner as they are to you and you deserve to be treated as the best. if you want to love others, love yourself first.

falling in love with yourself is the greatest cry of happiness. knowing your worth and knowing about yourself is the greatest thing that a person can do!

nothing in our articles are medical or professional advice. the writers at NTC are not professionals and should not be treated as ones. our blog was created only for educational purposes and raising awareness.

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