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what are some misconceptions surrounding bipolar disorder? by hannah

bipolar disorder is a very complex mental health condition, and understanding misconceptions surrounding it can help bipolar disorder warriors and encourage people to seek help if they think/know that a loved one might be struggling with it.

  1. “people with bipolar disorder are dangerous or violent”

this misconception is arguably the most harmful and an ignorant stereotype. having bipolar does not inherently make someone violent; it is true that some warriors might experience increased irritability or impulsivity during manic episodes, but they are not inherently violent and should never be judged or categorized that way!

  1. “bipolar disorder warriors are just ‘moody’ and everyone goes through mood swings”

this misconceptions minimizes the mood swings experienced by bipolar warriors; their mood swings are so much more extreme and persistent than everyday mood fluctuations; theirs are clinical symptoms that impact a person's daily life to a great extent.

  1. “bipolar disorder only involves mania”

while mania is definitely a symptoms of bipolar, the condition can also include depressive episodes and, in some cases, hypomanic episodes. depression is often the predominant mood state for people with bipolar, actually.

  1. “people with bipolar disorder cannot hold jobs or have successful relationships”

there are so many warriors who lead fulfilling lives with successful careers and healthy relationships! with professional help, proper treatment, and self-management strategies, managing bipolar disorder is more than possible!

ending on that positive note, i hope you learned something helpful – or unlearned something harmful – about bipolar disorder. please share to raise awareness, and thank you for taking the time to educate yourself. 

thank you to these sources for information used in this article:

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