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how does ADHD affect everyday life? by sakshi

the symptoms associated with ADHD can be difficult for those with the condition, as one may imagine. the condition can have a big effect on various aspects of everyday life. the first example is time management and organization; though it’s an normal for those without ADHD to prioritize tasks or keep track of deadlines, these normalized routines are challenging for ADHD warriors. similarly, being punctual and completing tasks in a timely manner is also a hardship for the same reason. this may seem trivial, as everyone struggles with these things, of course. but, it’s the fact that these struggles are not only persistent, but more than just struggles for ADHD warriors. at work, for example, an employee with ADHD might have to stay extra hours due to not completing tasks during business hours. or even not at work, but before getting hired, during the overwhelming job search process! ADHD warriors may still have not developed good routines or systems, struggle with procrastination and get overwhelmed when faced with so many different applications and hiring managers. school is another great example, where students with ADHD could have a hard time respecting fellow friends/teachers and struggling with strict directions or policies that don't make sense.

if you have read our article about what ADHD is and what different subtypes it has, it’s no surprise to you that impulsivity is a common feature of ADHD. ADHD warriors with may act rash, no matter the person’s intention. for example, talking over people may seem like a rude thing, but for people with ADHD, it’s just the fact that they can’t organize their thoughts or regulate their emotions and behaviors in some situations. at home, intrusive/impulsive thoughts can haunt a brave ADHD warrior.

hopefully, this article gave some insight into why it’s important to know and recognize how ADHD can affect a person. it is something unimaginable to those without it, and it’s crucial to be understanding and open-minded when it comes to making friendships or working with ADHD warriors. in a world where most people with ADHD are misunderstood and judged, you can stand out and do better.

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