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[re-upload] how do you deal with ghosting in relationships? by hannah

have you ever met someone you instantly connected with? you've exchanged phone numbers, you stayed up late talking, and gone out on a date or two. everything is going well. then out of the blue, they stop initiating. dates get canceled frequently, messages get shorter, they take longer to respond until they stop responding all together. you've been ghosted. you begin to wonder what went wrong. maybe you go back to your old chats over and over or keep replaying conversations in your head - all the while, this "special" person has ignored you in days or even weeks.

getting ghosted can leave you feeling hurt, confused or embarrassed. it’s never fun to experience being ghosted, but there are things you can do to move on from them.

1. keep all blame off yourself. it can be easy to blame yourself when someone keeps ignoring you, even more so when you can't seem to find another reason for them to do so. but you are never at fault for someone's actions, especially when that person doesn't have the maturity to break things off. nobody is perfect, but everyone deserves respect.

2. chasing them is super tempting, but it's mostly just harmful. they've shown you they are incapable of handling a mature relationship. why bother trying to fight for it? block their number, remove them from social media, anything that helps you feel like they were never in the first place.

3. invest in self care. remember that you come first and taking care of your mental health is super important. yoga, meditation and exercise are great ways to maintain your health. in addition, keep your mind off the “ghoster” by distracting yourself with new activities, hobbies or even taking a class to learn a new skill. don't forget to surround yourself with people who support you including friends and family. if you find that the impact of being ghosted is still too much, seek help from a therapist who specializes in relationships.

remember, your relationship status doesn't define you. being ghosted doesn't mean you aren't valued or lovable. ghosting is an immature act and not a characteristic of someone you want to be with. discover what your unique self brings, so when the next person comes along, they'll know you are too precious to ignore.

nothing in our articles are medical or professional advice. the writers at NTC are not professionals and should not be treated as ones. our blog was created only for educational purposes and raising awareness.

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