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[re-upload] how do you keep your relationships successful? by saumya

relationships, especially in the long run, are often compared to bubblegum - flavorful and exciting in the beginning, and just boring at the end.

as per the Triangle of love, one must ideally stay at the center of all three vertices - liking, infatuation, and commitments - to have a successful relationship. here are a few tips on how to keep your relationship evergreen in a healthy manner!

1. learn love languages - everyone has a different way of expressing love, and wants to be showered love in a certain way. It is important to not only recognize but also respect both your and your partner's love language.

2. have a separate life - you must remember that neither you nor your partner are living the same lives. it is important to live a life outside your relationship - hang out with your friends, take a day for yourself, go on trips. continuously spending time and being attached by the hip can cause the relationship to become a task more than a choice.

3. Communication - very important, yet not enough talked about (pun intended). communication. is. key. most relationship problems occur due to either miscommunication, or a lack of. talk to your partner about what you feel. a lot of people forget that listening is also an aspect on communication. you must listen to what your partner wants to talk about, non-judgmentally, and work through your problems.

4. time to process - many relationships go by the thumb rule of resolving all fights before bed. however, there are times where either you or your partner may need time to think, or cool off after an argument, and may not be in the headspace to resolve the conflict. in such cases, rushing someone to talk and solve things may make the problem worse. allow both of you time to cool off, but DO NOT sleep with a sour mood. a forehead kiss before bed, for example, could mean - I love you, but we still have to talk about this in the morning.

5. enjoy the things the other one likes

these days, it's become very common to eat separate meals, watch different tv shows, etc. while this is alright on some days, you must learn to enjoy the things the other one likes - if they like Italian and you Chinese food, for example, instead of ordering from two places on the same day, both of you enjoy the same cuisine on different days.

6. spontaneity - go on adventures, take trips and vacations, experiment in bed - engage in spontaneous activity to keep the spark going.

every relationship is different, and what might work for some, doesn't for the others. but establishing a few ground rules and principles before moving forward can keep the relationship from going stale, and keep the love blossoming.

nothing in our articles are medical or professional advice. the writers at NTC are not professionals and should not be treated as ones. our blog was created only for educational purposes and raising awareness.

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