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[re-upload] how do you overcome rejection in relationships? by rory

ugh, REJECTION — it is one of the worst feelings you can endure as a human. the yearning for something that simply does not at the same. in the moment, it is hard to believe, and most definitely the worst thing to admit and yet, maybe it is for the best.

so how do you move forward from it? it is not easy nor, will it come to you by second nature, but you need to go through the process… what does this mean? it means you have to go through the phases of grief to process the feelings of rejection. or something similar in concept but different in process…

1. feel your feelings; they are yours and you are entitled to your feelings, so feel them. allow yourself the space and time to feel the feeling of rejection as unpleasant as it is.

2. while you are feeling your feelings, which my include depression and anger, remember to engage in positive behaviors. if calling your ex is going to give you flashbacks and feelings of shame in 2 days from now, PUT DOWN THE PHONE AND WALK AWAY!

3. one thing i love doing when i feel rejected is, making list of of goals and completing them, because i know i can do - but i have been pushing off. i.e. filling out and submitting my passport applications.

4. surround yourself with people who provide you strength positivity and love. these people are the ones who really matter.

5. this is the one i find the most helpful! when you are feeling rejected, this is the time that is the most important. the most important to be conscious, loving and kind to yourself. what this means is to engage in positive behaviors like eating healthy, exercise, and positive mental health practice i.e. therapy, yoga, meditation. (don’t get me wrong eating a pint of ice cream while watching a rom-con is amazing, and can/should be done; however if you find yourself doing it more often than not, maybe looking for another outlet would be helpful.) Because when your body feels good the rest of you begins to heal and feel better too.

hope that helps!

nothing in our articles are medical or professional advice. the writers at NTC are not professionals and should not be treated as ones. our blog was created only for educational purposes and raising awareness.

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