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[re-upload] what are some common OCD misconceptions, and how can you address them? by jackie

misinformation spreads faster than ever in today’s online change. though unfortunate, this does not mean that we cannot join together to help address and prevent misinformation that could be dangerous to the mental health community.

1. “OCD is just perfectionism.”

OCD is a serious mental disorder that can not be described as just “perfectionism.” a perfectionist chooses to have that habit/personality, whereas someone with OCD cannot choose/control their obsessive routines. Jeff Szymanski, PhD, says “if it’s a personality trait, you have control — you can choose to do it or not. if you have obsessive compulsive disorder, you’re doing it out of unrelenting debilitating anxiety.”

2. “it’s all in your head. just stop thinking it.”

though this statement is not false, it is dismissive and not realistic. intrusive thoughts really are “in your head,” and a lot of adults with OCD know that. however, its dealing with those thoughts that is hard. you cannot “just stop,” or ignore them. in reality, discipline isn’t enough to stop them.

3. “you are hopeless if you have OCD, there’s nothing you can do.”

incurable and uncontrollable does not mean untreatable. infact, OCD treatment has an approximately 75 to 85% efficacy rate according to Elizabeth Mclngvale, PHD. with the right type of help and resources, you can conquer OCD!

the next time you hear one of these ignorant phrases, please stand up and correct the person. it’s little actions like that that go a long way!

nothing in our articles are medical or professional advice. the writers at NTC are not professionals and should not be treated as ones. our blog was created only for educational purposes and raising awareness.

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