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[re-upload] what are the causes of OCD? by bingwen

Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder, also known as OCD, is a disorder in which intrusive thoughts taunt a person and lead them to repetitive behaviours or rituals known as compulsions. OCD is an incredibly complex disorder, which is many medical professionals and researchers can not pinpoint the exact causes of OCD. however, this piece will be discussing what experts overall believe could be potential causes.

much research has concluded that biology/genes may be one factor causing OCD. some studies suggest that miscommunication between neurotransmitters, called serotonin, may be responsible for OCD. however, the professionals who conducted these studies are unsure whether miscommunication of neurotransmitters is a cause or an effect of having OCD. other research has suggested that people with OCD have relatives who also have the disorder. genes play a bigger role in children who have OCD compared to adults who develop OCD later in life. this leads professionals to believe biology/genes play a role in OCD.

some experts suggest that OCD could be caused by or learnt from your environment. as we mentioned before, OCD often runs in families, and watching someone who suffers from the disorder can actually cause it. similarly, constantly being surrounded by excessive stress and anxiety (whether it is due to certain people or certain events in your life) could eventually manifest as OCD. other triggering environmental factors can include trauma, such as an abusive childhood, undergoing a difficult pregnancy (perinatal OCD), or experiencing bullying.

Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections, abbreviated as “PANDAS,” is a special subtype of OCD; this specific OCD isn’t caused by biology/genes or environmental factors, but by a streptococcal infection. symptoms of OCD can begin or worsen significantly and suddenly following the infection. in addition to OCD symptoms, some may experience tics as well.

though it is unclear as to what exactly causes OCD, many organisations and researchers are continuing to tackle this mystery, and have made so much progress along the way. it will not be long before professionals finally find an answer!

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