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anonymous' story

when i was 15 i was sexually assaulted. obviously this is not something that my with,

brain knew how to cope with, so i found myself spending my time and money on drugs and alcohol, self harm, and eating disorders; just completely harmful behaviours.

when i had just turned 16, i overdosed. i don't know what it was about it but waking up the next morning, vomiting and bring dizzy i realised that this isn't how i should be living my life. even though i wish now it hadn't come to that point (as i am constantly still feeling the effects from it)…

i am now getting therapy and have spoken to the police regarding my situation. if i could go back in time i would change so much but i am here now, and i am happier. i realised that some things are out of my control and i realised that even in my darkest times, it always gets better.


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